Friday, 29 October 2010

Make some space because i'm digging for treasure

If you're a music fan like me then some of you will eventually get to the stage where you think you've heard everything that's worth listening to. Every now and then you stumble upon an artist that gives you a nice surprise and restores your faith in there being more good music out there but as time goes by these gems get harder and harder to find. It's pretty safe to say there's not much hope in a new band coming on the scene to rock everyones socks off and save the state of music as it is today. Would be great if it happened, you can only hope, but lets just assume it isn't gonna. So where's a better place to look for great music than the past? Stuff long forgotten by teenagers of the past and stuff much unknown to the teenagers of today. Band's your dad or now aging cousins, uncles, aunts and friends loved. They are out there my friend and only the most keen treasure hunters can find these lodes of musical genius (and sometimes just intelligence). So to help fellow prospectors i'm gonna dedicate this blog to recommending (and hopefully not put you off) any lesser known acts that should really be held in high regard up there with the commercial greats.

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